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We are all about saving you time. This starts with us taking time to understand the needs of your building or home. Our Calgary lawn maintenance programs are customized for each property. We provide reliable and timely service to save you from having to spend time monitoring lawns and watching the grass grow.

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Lawn Maintenance Program:

Calgary Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing is not only important to maintain a healthy lawn, it is also required by the city community standards bylaws. The City of Calgary mandates that grass must not exceed 6 inches in length. Alberta Forestry and Agriculture recommends a mowing height of 2.5 to 3 inches to support a strong root system. Generally a shorter mowing height will require more frequent visits. We can help assess your lawn’s needs and accommodate any special requests.

Green Lawn

Debris Removal

An important part of lawn maintenance is maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property. We pride ourselves in maintaining beautiful lawns. With each visit we will remove all debris and blow off your driveways and porch areas if any.

Seasonal Cleanups:

Calgary Spring Cleanup Service

Spring Cleanup

The “Spring Cleanup” is a combination of services designed to bring your lawn out of winter hibernation and prepare it for the growing season.

Step 1: Power-raking to remove excess thatch and allow the lawn to breath.

Step 2: Aerating to alleviate soil compaction and allow the roots to access needed nutrients.

Step 3: Debris cleanup to remove anything that accumulated throughout the winter.

Step 4: A fresh cut to initiate the growing cycle.

Calgary Fall Cleanup Services

Fall Cleanup

The “Fall Cleanup” is designed to remove all debris to keep a clean appearance and create ideal conditions for hibernation and post-hibernation services.

Step 1: Blow out flower beds and tree beds to remove all leaves and other debris that has accumulated.

Step 2: Raking the lawn and removing all leaves and debris for off-site disposal.

Step 3: A final cut.


Lawn Fertilization Services


A special blend to help the lawn as it comes out of winter hibernation. Promotes a healthy start to the growing season.


Treatments throughout the summer to keep your lawn strong and beautiful. Helps lawns absorb proper nutrients and retain a nice green colour.


A special blend to help the lawn prepare for winter hibernation.